Sunday, 29 January 2012

Colors and Me

Being colourful
Colors represent our lives
Some prefer dark while some light
Into the hazel brown or tangerine
Each shade gives a profound meaning.
Colors are matched with transitions or matched with mood
Every time you wear they’ll give you a new look
Days get brighten, nights become happening
When the colors keep on mixing
So next time whenever you feel low
Just look around and smile
Because colors are around you every time

Last week was a shopping week for me thanks to the sales going around everywhere. I grabbed all possible things I could.  I got a pair of cute little winter shoes from “Pramod” which I can’t get my eyes of. They have been ruling my heart since then. I will show it to you guys in my next post. 
About the attire:
I matched a transparent blue top from Jack and Jones with brown shorts from Veromoda. At first I was a bit reluctant at wearing it because I thought that it might look weird but then it turned out to be an awesome fit.
I was casual and comfortable and at the same time very vibrant. I thought of letting my hair down as it was cool and breezy afternoon.


Blue top:Jack and Jones, Brown shorts: Veromoda.

Skin and Hair-
In winter skin and hair turns dry so to make it supple try applying few drops of olive and almond oil on your skin and hair before you have bath.
Also if you have sometime you can apply 1 tablespoon honey mixed with 1 banana on your face and leave it for 10 minutes and wash it.  It works amazingly.
Spring is the best season for wearing colorful clothes. Match your tops, dresses with jackets, cardigans and colorful stoles and also colorful shoes.
Being colorful is the secret to look good this winter. So match things up and look pretty.
 After all beauty is how you make it.  

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Melodramatic Reminiscence

Melodramatic Reminiscence
It feels so good when loved ones are near; nobody has to worry much as there's always a strong support behind. Many a times people are taken for granted, but one doesn't understand the value of a person unless and until that person’s gone far away. Everyone with whom we are attached plays an integral part in life.
That attachment can be momentary or really long one - whatever it is, its effect is so profound that it leaves a permanent impression on one's mind. This is the reason why certain peculiar fragrance, some music/song or certain place takes one back to old memories and connects with the lost ones. Nostalgic moment always creates a good feeling and passes through as a spectrum of light, giving more energy to build up the future.With some we might have shared a strong bonding; with some we might have just shared smiles. Our busy lives do not spare time for us to remember them every day, but they are there-somewhere in the back of our mind.

About the look:
I decided to wear black striped leggings with a white tank top and brown heels (As promised in the earlier post). I wanted a trendy as well as a simple look so I matched it with some accessories and brown shades.  

Leggings:Pieces, Tank Top:Mango, Ring:Accessorize, Shades:Zara,

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bitter Sweet Symphony

  Bitter Sweet Symphony

My wandered thoughts lie behind the oasis of genuineness
Creates nostalgia, and brings all the dead moments alive
Wandered thoughts bring a flash,
 Of deep aspirations or dark secrets kept within the surface of my mind;
The sceptics try hard to keep me away from the wild dreams- calling them delusions,
But my thoughts drift along as they want, in their own tranquillity.    

About the look
I decided to match brown polka dotted long chiffon top with black striped leggings and brown heels. The pink shades and flower added to give it a complete bubbly and a retro look.
 The polka dots give a vibrant and a colorful feeling. Black beads go well with this type of attire.


Polka dotted top:Vero Moda, Leggins:Pieces, Shades:Police,
Heels:, Pink Flower:Aldo, Watch:Giordano.

When I entered the shop, this polka dotted top was the first to catch my attention.
The subtle colors and the classy and elegant look was very appealing.

Tip: You can also wear this with an overcoat.
When you go for any polka dotted top, dress or even a scarf make sure the colors are vibrant. It will make you feel very happy and energetic. 

So, this was more of retro look.

In my next post I will show you a different look matching the same black striped leggings and brown heels with a white tank top.
So keep watching, till then stay healthy stay beautiful.