Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bitter Sweet Symphony

  Bitter Sweet Symphony

My wandered thoughts lie behind the oasis of genuineness
Creates nostalgia, and brings all the dead moments alive
Wandered thoughts bring a flash,
 Of deep aspirations or dark secrets kept within the surface of my mind;
The sceptics try hard to keep me away from the wild dreams- calling them delusions,
But my thoughts drift along as they want, in their own tranquillity.    

About the look
I decided to match brown polka dotted long chiffon top with black striped leggings and brown heels. The pink shades and flower added to give it a complete bubbly and a retro look.
 The polka dots give a vibrant and a colorful feeling. Black beads go well with this type of attire.


Polka dotted top:Vero Moda, Leggins:Pieces, Shades:Police,
Heels:, Pink Flower:Aldo, Watch:Giordano.

When I entered the shop, this polka dotted top was the first to catch my attention.
The subtle colors and the classy and elegant look was very appealing.

Tip: You can also wear this with an overcoat.
When you go for any polka dotted top, dress or even a scarf make sure the colors are vibrant. It will make you feel very happy and energetic. 

So, this was more of retro look.

In my next post I will show you a different look matching the same black striped leggings and brown heels with a white tank top.
So keep watching, till then stay healthy stay beautiful.


  1. Welcome to the blog world...
    just stumbled across your blog and really liked your whole look
    keep up the good work

    I am following your blog now
    hope you will do the same for mine

  2. You are such a pretty girl! I love this top and the mix of patterns. Very bold, Tejal, but it works ;)